Historic Plaster Conservation Services

Consolidating and
securing failing plaster
in historic buildings


Historic Plaster Conservation Services 25 Years!Historic Plaster Conservation Services (HPCS) was founded in 1988 to pursue opportunities in the very specific field of architectural plaster conservation. We address and repair the structural problems of fragile plaster in historic buildings.

Over the years, we have developed and patented an array of specialty products, techniques and tools, designed to strengthen and re-attach existing plaster on ceilings and walls. We address the problem at its root – where the plaster meets its substrate.

Our specialty
products and techniques are effective on the most elaborately embellished plaster and on the simplest plain face vernacular plaster. Traditional lime plaster on wood lath, cementitious plaster on expanded metal lath, plaster on masonry and even cast fibrous plaster suspended ceilings respond well to our conservation treatment programs.

Leading preservation architects and heritage consultants specify the HPCS approach in restorations where important plaster is at risk.

Historic Plaster Conservation Services


Rod Stewart, Founder of Historic Plaster Conservation Services (Canada), is an international expert in plaster conservation.

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We specialize in addressing the systemic deterioration of plaster. Applied as a preventive maintenance procedure, our products economically extend the safe and maintenance-free service life of historic plaster ceilings – avoiding the tragedy of collapse and the huge expense of reconstruction. In short, we preserve original plaster.

Our goal is to work with clients who value the original building fabric for which they are responsible and who wish to retain this fabric with the lowest possible level of disruption and cost.

This website is dedicated to the memory of Morgan W. Phillips who pioneered the use of acrylics in plaster conservation.

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