Contracting – Experts in the Repair of Fragile Plaster

Historic Plaster Conservation Services (HPCS) is expert in the repair of fragile plaster in older buildings. Our teams of skilled technicians in Canada and the United States repair plaster with proprietary products, methods and tools that penetrate, strengthen and consolidate, thereby extending the safe useful service life of the plaster for the foreseeable future.

Historic Plaster Conservation Services Contracting

Our work takes us to the attic space above the ceiling where thorough inspection and assessment techniques enable us to determine the strengths and weakness of the plaster as a system. We repair plaster by addressing the problem at its root – the point of contact between the plaster and its substrate.

If the plaster carries important painted decoration or other embellishments, we can usually restore it and save the decorated surface without all the disruption of scaffolding or the chaos of a major construction project.

In many instances, after a small area of plaster has failed, building owners call upon us to determine what is happening to the plaster and to present options for preventing further collapses. In other instances, when the building is scheduled to undergo a major renovation project, we are asked to assess the ability of the plaster to survive the ongoing trauma that such projects usually inflict.

Our treatment programs extend the useful safe service life of old plaster through the specialized application of our own innovative products, including adhesives, grouts and consolidants, all made from non-toxic acrylic resins. Our approach not only saves the historic plaster, it is a cost-effective alternative to plaster replacement, lamination with gypsum board or scrim, or any number of other failed methods. We do not deface the plaster’s surface with wood screws and washers. Most importantly, we don’t just delay inevitable collapse – we prevent it.

As the most experienced plaster conservation practitioner in North America, HPCS is often retained as a consultant to conduct plaster assessments, and subsequently as a contractor to consolidate and reattach plaster ceilings and walls. We have successfully completed plaster conservation projects in more than 300 most important buildings in the United States and Canada, including legislative assemblies, churches and house museums. Our skilled team of technicians and artisans is capable of tackling the most complex and difficult plaster challenges.

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Historic Plaster Conservation Services