Since 1988, HPCS has been actively engaged in the research and development of new conservation techniques. To this end, we have created a growing catalog of proprietary tools all designed to address the many challenges that fragile plaster presents. These tools include:

HPCS Remote Consolidant Applicator

When access to the ceiling attic is not possible, the HPCS Remote Consolidant Applicator can effectively treat the ceiling from a blind location.

HPCS Remote Consolidant Applicator tool

HPCS Micro-Jacks

HPCS Micro-Jacks gently lift and hold the ceiling in place in preparation for plaster consolidation treatment.

HPCS Micro-Jacks for gently lifting and holding a ceiling in place

HPCS AD 25 Gel with Syringe Gun

AD 25 Gel with Syringe Gun facilitates access to small and difficult to access spaces in plaster ornament.

HPCS AD 25 Gel with Syringe Gun Applicator tool

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