HPCS Micro-Jacks

HPCS Micro-Jacks™ replace the crude ‘dead man jack’ methods of temporary support for various types of ceilings, particularly fragile plaster. If a ceiling is important, consider the advantages of HPCS Micro-Jacks™.

HPCS Micro-Jacks for gently lifting and holding a ceiling in place


  • Allows gentle holding and lifting to re-align damaged ceilings to their original plane.
  • Holds ceiling in place while consolidation treatment or other methods of re-attachment are applied.
  • Can be used with any conventional tube & clamp system scaffolding.
  • Jacks are supported directly from the floor, independent of the working platform. This means that working platform vibration is not transmitted to the ceiling.
  • Jacks can be located anywhere along the length of the scaffold tubes. This allows installation to avoid particularly sensitive areas of the surface.
  • Jacks can be located vertically for flat ceilings or rotated up to 45 degrees either way for curved ceilings.
  • Surface contact pads are interchangeable for different surface conditions and sensitivities.
  • Jacks use a simple screw mechanism and locking device that is impervious to vibration. No special tools required.
  • Each jack has a range of 3 inches.
  • Jacks can be deployed at whatever spacing concentration is required in accordance with specifications. Typical deployment is at 16” centres on a flat ceiling.
Temporary plaster ceiling support using HPCS Micro-Jacks

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