Our Services

Historic Plaster Conservation Services (HPCS) is a specialized consulting and contracting firm with unparalleled expertise in the field of plaster conservation in historic buildings.

The company was born out of the need for more advanced materials and methods to address problems associated with fragile plaster. For far too long – and even to this day – many of the methods employed in plaster conservation have been primitive, ineffective and oftentimes counter-productive. See What Not to Do With Important Plaster in historic buildings. 

Taking the lead from the late Morgan Phillips, HPCS has established a whole toolbox of new methodologies to assess, diagnose and treat plaster problems. Through ongoing research & development, we have formulated new improved products and invented new tools, all designed to address the myriad challenges that fragile plaster presents.

Over the years, we have focused on national historic buildings where the conservation of decorated painted plaster is the driving concern. We have encountered, adapted to and addressed every conceivable challenge associated with plaster ceilings and walls. 

Who Retains HPCS?

Our primary focus is on plaster in buildings of historic, aesthetic or cultural importance. As a result, the HPCS client base is generally comprised of governments, institutions (i.e. churches, museums, etc.) and  residential owners represented by an architect. We deal directly with the people responsible for the building – i.e. either the owner or an architect acting on the owner’s behalf. If you have challenges related to plaster in an older building, please contact us to discuss options for its treatment and preservation.

Historic Plaster Conservation Services