From its inception in 1988, Historic Plaster Conservation Services has been actively engaged in the research and development of new conservation techniques and products. To this end, we have created our own proprietary and ever-expanding roster of products, designed to address the many challenges that fragile plaster presents.

CO R-100 BASE and CO Converter are the primary building-blocks for HPCS consolidation products.

AD 25 Gel is used to re-adhere plaster in small, tight and difficult to access locations.

AD Premixed is used to rebuild missing lugs and keys and for filling voids where shrinkage is not a critical issue. 

GR Non-Shrink Grout is used to fill in any space that exists between plaster and substrate.

GR Non-Shrink Ultra-Fine is an ideal filler for fine cracks and voids in plaster.

RE Aramid Gel is ideal for rebuilding damaged cast plaster ceiling panels and establishing new structural support hooks without causing surface damage.

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