Consulting – Complex Assessments of Plaster Problems

Historic Plaster Conservation Services’ primary role as a consultant is to perform complex assessments of plaster problems in historic buildings. We have extensive experience with all types of plaster, including wood lath, metal lath, masonry and suspended cast fibrous panels.

The process of assessing a plaster ceiling is crucial to diagnosing problems and prescribing appropriate treatment. To improve this process for plaster on wood lath in particular, HPCS has pioneered a method of measuring and quantifying the condition of an entire plaster ceiling system. Our systematic approach allows those responsible for the building to compare the present condition of the plaster to its original “as-built” condition, and thereby make more informed and better decisions about treatment options.

HPCS consultant performs complex assessments of plaster problems

As a consultant, HPCS provides clients who have plaster problems with a condition assessment and treatment recommendations based on our years of experience. Our condition assessment reports also provide the client with ample background information about other methods of plaster repair that may be offered as alternatives to consolidation. For instance, there is an explanation as to why HPCS does not endorse the use of fender washers and wood screws as a legitimate method of treatment for plaster that is truly important or at risk of failure. See all the follies described in What Not To Do With Important Plaster.

Clients in receipt of an HPCS Plaster Condition Assessment Report have the tools they need to weigh the pros and cons of all of the available options and make an informed decision on which route to follow.

As the inventor, developer and owner of most the technologies and products required for long-term preservation of fragile plaster in historic buildings, HPCS often conducts condition assessments and is ultimately asked to execute the recommended treatments on plaster ceilings and walls. For projects where we provide both consulting and contracting services, we have a team of trained technicians who have successfully completed many important plaster conservation projects.

Implicit in this is a great deal of trust from our clients, many of whom have engaged us over multi-year, multi-phase projects. We take the trust that is placed in us very seriously and we will never abuse it. Contact Historic Plaster Conservation Services for more information regarding consultation and plaster assessment services.

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