Alexander Hamilton House

Upper Manhattan, New York City (1804)

The Building:
National Historic Site and former residence of one of America’s founding fathers. 

The Problem:
The flat plaster was failing in the principal rooms.

The Development of a New Product:
Historic Plaster Conservation Services worked closely with Naomi Kroll, Senior Conservator for the National Park Service, to develop a new product – HPCS GR Non-Shrink Grout™ – to fill and secure the space between the plaster and wood lath. The “non-shrinking” characteristic of this product is essential where the stress of shrinkage will produce alligator cracks in delicate plaster. Although GR Non-Shrink Grout™ is based on the original Morgan Phillips formula for re-attaching plaster, important improvements were made during this project, and both the HPCS formula and mixing cartridge are now patented.

Alexander Hamilton House (Hamilton Grange National Memorial), Upper Manhattan, New York, New York, USA

HPCS Products Used

Tools Used

HPCS Micro-Jacks™

Historic Plaster Conservation Services