Fryfogel Inn

Perth County, Ontario (1845)

The Building:
Located on the former Huron Road, this wayside inn recalls the rugged days of the early settlement of Perth County. It was along this road that settlement in the area began, and the Fryfogel Tavern was a very popular place for weary pioneers to stop for beer, whiskey and a night’s rest. The building is now owned by the Perth County Historical Society and is protected by an easement from the Ontario Heritage Trust.

Project Synopsis:
A community group comprised of some very dedicated people is trying to preserve this iconic structure, and has done a wonderful job taking care of the building’s envelope. The group approached HPCS to have a look at the original wood lath and plaster. Our assessment revealed that the ceilings have suffered typical deterioration over the years, caused by water infiltration, ill-conceived repairs and general aging.

As a community service, and because we like and share the aspirations of the people responsible for this building, HPCS volunteered to treat one of the ceilings to demonstrate the efficacy of our approach to plaster conservation. We used a very low level intervention method, resulting in the stabilization of the plaster, with virtually no evidence of any treatment having taken place.

Fryfogel Inn, Perth County, Ontario

Historic Plaster Conservation Services