Tassie Hall

Tassie Hall, Galt Collegiate Institute
Cambridge, Ontario (1852)

The Building:
A Collegiate auditorium

Project Synopsis:
The 200-seat high school auditorium, added in the 1930s, has a vaulted ceiling, comprised of expanded metal lath and cement-based plaster, which had been severely damaged by continued water infiltration.

A survey conducted by HPCS indicated that if we could consolidate the plaster on the existing rusted lath, it would then be possible to apply a new layer of lath where required and bond it to the improved plaster using HPCS GR Non-Shrink Grout™.

Consolidation was carried out with repeated penetrating spray applications of HPCS  CO S-20 and CO S-50 Primers, followed by CO R-100 Consolidation Agent. The water-damaged plaster readily absorbed the resins and on evaporation, the ceiling was sound and much improved. Re-supporting it required the introduction of new expanded metal lath. This was successfully completed and the building remains a landmark in its community.

Consolidant spray application to water damaged plaster at Tassie Hall, Galt Collegiate Institute, Cambridge, Ontario

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