The Church of Our Lady of Sorrows

New York City, New York (1868)

The Building: 
Built in a combined Victorian, Byzantine Revival and Romanesque style by Henry Engelbert, The Church of Our Lady of Sorrows served as the national parish for the many thousands of German families who arrived in New York after 1948. The building features an ornately decorated domed ceiling, along with flat ceilings and cornices – all plaster on wood lath.

Project Synopsis: An inspection of the plaster revealed severe deterioration, with more than 50% of the plaster keys broken or missing. HPCS USA was called upon to consolidate the dome and flat plaster ceilings from a direct location in the attic. The cornices were consolidated from a blind location. In total, approximately 14,000 square feet of plaster was treated.

The Church of Our Lady of Sorrows interior
Part of the ornately decorated plaster on wood lath domed ceiling.

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