St. Ann School

Bronx, New York (1950)

To Remove or not to Remove? That was the Question.
Widespread delimination of the gypsum plaster skim coat from the cast concrete ceiling presented a safety problem in this school built in the 1950s.

Two remedial options were considered: 1. Scrape off the existing plaster and then re-plaster; or 2. Re-adhere the existing plaster to the concrete. Option 2 was selected and Historic Plaster Conservation Services was retained to design a treatment program that was much more economical than Option 1. The treatment program involved the development of a system to inject HPCS AD 25 Gel™.  Independent testing, designed by engineer, John Dilassio, and conducted by Ken Follett of Quality Restoration Works, confirmed the success of the treatment program.

St. Ann School, Bronx, New York, USA

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